Muyuka Class 2016

       Testimony of Pastor Glory
‘We met a group of three girls on the way as we were evangelizing. We preached and led them to Christ. They told us that their mother was sick and took us to their house to pray over their mother. There she told us that she felt sick after being bitten by a spider. She suffered for a year, going to different hospitals but to no avail. She said that after the bite there was “strange movement” all over her body. She could not stand straight—which later developed into pain in her waist and rashes after some months. So we ministered to her and Jesus healed her instantly. Immediately she stood up and stood up straight to walk. She was exercising her body freely!

We also met a seamstress in her workshop whose hand had been hurting for a week. She could not move the hand freely. We preached the gospel to her and ministered healing to her in Jesus’ name. The Lord healed her instantly! Immediately the pain disappeared and she was made whole. To God be the glory!

On our way back, a certain family called us over. A woman in the family complained that some years after giving birth she had been suffering from pain in her waist and stomach area. We led her to Christ as well as many others who were there. We prayed over her, and immediately Jesus healed her. The pain in her waist and stomach area disappeared.

The eye of a certain child there had been operated on, and he was suffering from severe pain. We ministered to him and Jesus healed him. Finally, we prayed over a girl who had gonorrhea and chlamydia, and she was healed. Glory be to God!’ ”

Another successful Elijah challenge Basic Training class that ended with the class going out into the immediate community for 45 minutes to knock on the doors of residents or people they meet in the streets to share the Gospel and to heal sick people to prove that Jesus is the Son of God and the only way to the Father. This outreach is the practical application of what is taught during the Seminar in addition to in class demonstrations. 7 people saved and 3 healed.

      June 10, 2017

The following are just a few of many real live testimonies! 

       And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:1 Cor 2:4

        Testimony of Rev Ngum Peter

I, REV. NGUM PETER, am the President of International Christian Minister Fellowship and also the General Overseer of United Royal Christian Assembly in Cameroon.

I, had the ELIJAH Challenge Training seminar hosted by Rev. ALAN Robinson, USA missionary in the Glory of GOD CHURCH Cameroon from 17th – 21st July 2015.

During the seminar he taught us how to heal the sick as JESUS did.I witnessed how he healed the sick during the practical sessions and my faith was activated on the last day of the training he gave me the opportunity to minister the word of GOD and to pray over the sick . I ministered healing from a distance (as Jesus did in Luke 7) and two people were healed immediately from chronic pains.

On Sunday, after the training, I went to the church and ministered the word of GOD. I invited the sick for healing and when I prayed miracles happened, all the sick were healed immediately.Since after the training I have seen GOD heal all the sick during so many of my meetings.
Last month I organized a free healing crusade with Rev. ALAN Robinson as one of the speaker in Cameroon. The first evening I read a scripture in the Bible that says that JESUS healed all the sick that were brought to Him and I told the participants that HEBREW 13:8 says that the same JESUS is the same for ever and He can still do the same. When I prayed, praise GOD all were healed immediately.
One evening on a Friday a sister asked with tears that I would pray over her brother in the hospital who was helpless and unconscious from four days almost like the case of LAZARUS in the Bible. I prayed and commanded the spirit of death to go from a distance. The next day he opened his eyes and asked for food. He is alive up till today. I give GOD all the glory.!

Sousa class  January 2017    

Boots on the Ground Missions Outreach to Tanzania, Kenya, and Ghana 2017

The current statistics for our 2017 Mission outreach to Tanzania, Kenya are as follows:
TANZANIA, ( GEITA, Lusamgasa, Igoma, Bungonia,
10 saved, 50+ healed,100+ trained, 3 cities

KENYA (Elderet, Port Victoria, Kusumu, Nairobi)
4 saved, I backslider recommitted, 101 healed, 122 trained, 3 cities

Ghana still yet to come!

Theses photos are some of people that attended the seminar in Tanzania, Kenya and were healed during the demonstrations!

    Testimony of Pastor Godlabe Nkemntah
Glory to God!
After the three day Elijah Challenge Basic Training, I caught the revelation of the "Faith of God" or "Mountain moving Faith". I understand that faith of God gives us the ability to demonstrate the power and authority Jesus gave to his disciples in Luke 9:1.
I witnessed this power and Authority manifesting in me during our crusade in Santa . I ministered healing to many people who were suffering from pains ranging from the neck, back, hand, waist, legs, stomach, and a woman who confided that she had HIV! A majority testified complete instant healing! The woman with HIV testified the pain and cramps she was experiencing were gone! All the people I ministered to testified a change in there condition. Let me share these specific ones:
A brother reported stomach pain he had for many years. Before I prayed he was having pain in his upper abdomen. As I ministered the first time he said it moved to his side. I prayed again and he said it moved to the lower abdomen. After the third prayer he said all the pain had disappeared! Praise God!

Living Bread Assembly-Douala  March 4th 2017

This was an awesome class at Living Bread Assembly in Douala. Africa. Over the course of the 3 day seminar, 11 people who were sick and in pain during the class were healed instantly right in front of the class during the demonstrations. One of the attendees testified that after receiving prayer for Piles in class ( hemorrhoids that become inflamed. Hemorrhoids are masses, clumps, cushions of tissue in the anal canal) and using the training, she went home and also prayed for herself and was healed)! On the last day of the seminar during the 30 minute outreach, 4 people were saved, 1 backslider returned to the Lord and 1 person with waist pains who could not stand stand was healed instantly. These types of results not based on the Gift of healing and are available to any believer who takes the time to to understand the biblical concepts taught in the Elijah Challenge Basic Training Seminar.

Christian Faith Mission, Pastor Rene, Douala, Cameroon 

& the 3rd World

& the 3rd World

Every Seminar includes an outreach into the community by participants who put what they learned in the class room to real life situations!

Bonaberi class 2016

On the last day of the seminar, I sent them into the community for one hour. They returned with excitement and joy reporting 25 people saved and several healed instantly!

The Full Gospel Mission teams returned after 45 minutes of community evangelism and reported 14 people were saved!

Bamenda Class 2016

Kingdom Life Center's first Elijah Challenge Basic Training Class of 2016! During one hour of out reach 3 people saved along with 1 backslldder, several people healed!

(I.C.M.F.) International Christian Ministers Fellowship Annual programs includes going to the Penitentiary in Mbanga, Cameroon. With food, clothes, and the Word! We preach to over 150 inmates in the Prison. 

What you receive from the Elijah Challenge Basic Training is not a new revelation. It is very old New Testament truth handed down from Jesus to his Disciples and finally to all believers who place their faith in Christ! . It is woven throughout the Gospels, the Epistles, and the Book of Acts! Once this truth is exposed to your inner man, you are filled with divine revelation, your faith is increased and before the end of the seminar you are activated and on the awesome path of reaching the lost with signs of healing and deliverance just like you see demonstrated in the Gospels and the book of Acts!

Full Gospel Mission outreach, Douala April 8, 2017 

The teams reported 13 saved and 10 healed during the one hour outreach!

Pastors prays and mute child speaks!
Pastor Amos Testified that after taking the Elijah Challenge Basic Training Seminar, he was evangelizing and met a family he shared the gospel. While sharing he was asked to pray for a child that had never talked. When they took him to the child he said to the family "this child will talk" ! He then looked at the child and commanded the child to be healed and to speak in the Name of Jesus, using the biblical principles taught in the 3 day seminar. In seconds the child looked at him and said out loud for the first time the words....UNCLE....UNCLE! The entire family was saved and the child has now enrolled in school. 

During the final day of the seminar, I sent out 4 teams of 5 with instructions to preach the gospel and heal the sick..... for 30 minutes. The results were 19 saved and 4 instantly healed!

....And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also...

 2 Tim 2:2

Our evangelistic radio program featured the Elijah Challenge Training and reached the city of Douala and many other surrounding cities for three months!

Kingdom Life Center For Missions & Evangelism