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& the 3rd World

& the 3rd World

For information about participating in this outreach please contact us for details.

 Sound System

Currently we use the sound systems of the churches that invite us, however we have discovered the quality of sound equipment is unreliable, and it is preferable to travel with our own equipment to maintain a reliable consistent quality of sound during outreach of the Jesus film, worship, and the Elijah Challenge Seminar.


2017 Kenya,Tanzania, Ghana Outreach

 July 24th - September 12th (Tanzania&Kenya) October - Ghana 

Come with us to Kenya,Tanzania and Ghana as we train leaders and servants of God with the Elijah Challenge Basic Training Seminar then travel to proclaim the gospel inside these countries.  

Can't go but would like to help?

Your  financial support will help pay for the Mission Team cost which includes airfare, food & lodging, and ground transportation.

Join with us for a very unique mission experience!  


This ministry does not charge a fee for conducting the seminar, primarily because charging a fee would be a barrier that many churches simply can't afford here in Cameroon as well as other churches in African countries, It is in my heart to train as many believers in Africa and the 3rd World as the Lord gives without finances becoming an issue. In stead, I prefer to do this work in Faith, and trust God to supply the necessary expenses. All the materials for this seminar such as the training manual can be downloaded for free, and the training can also be viewed on you tube. The principle and heart of the this ministry is simply"freely received and freely given."!​


"Boots on the Ground"

 Africa Outreach 2017

Traveling to a seminar in an over crowded taxi.

This bus was going much too fast for road conditions 

Thank God no one was hurt! 


All donations are used "specifically" as designated

All donations are received through Western Union:

Send To Alan Blair Robinson

     Douala, Cameroon

     +237 680 728 665​ "Cell Number"

Please contact us via email with AMOUNT and  TRACKING NUMBER (MTCN) ,DESIGNATION and your NAME

Ministry Vehicle

Our current method of transportation is public buses, vans and taxis's which limit our ability to carry supplies,equipment team members and volunteers . A relatively used vehicle will help our outreach transportation need greatly!
Estimated cost $5000.00

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Kingdom life Center Office

​Director  Alan Robinson

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....And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also...

 2 Tim 2:2